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by morsma?

Could? someone translate the above into Japanese? Thanks! --Pm?

Something like (paraphrasing heavily):
This is a beginning of Tmy current implementation of a Japanese language version of PmWiki.
Searching via Google, some Japanese language sites cane be "hit".
Through frequent, experimental, use of PmWiki, this feature has finally just about completed.
Using edition "i18n", Japanese language can be experienced.
Please visit
In order to produce this PmWiki page, you have to run PmWiki independently in a PmWiki farm.
The other thing is, the language version is still being developed. (?!)
It can be set up without using a database.
It's one of the most popular Wiki's that's been introduced to the WikiWikiWeb.
PmWiki has been used in a Stanford Uni lecture; it's a highly functional Wiki.
(There may be errors, I haven't got a dictionary, and I haven't done Japanese for a few years!) by promsan?
Please could you give me some step by step instructions as to how to install it on an offline/desktop/personal/home-intranet implementation of PmWiki, as I'm completely new to it!!!
Cheers!!! promsan?



PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb system developed by Patrick Michaud in the PHP scripting language. PmWiki has been primarily designed as a tool to support easy, collaborative authoring and maintenance of web sites.

This site is running pmwiki-2.3.34. The software is freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and may be downloaded from Documentation is available via the documentation index.

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