Some of the many Wiki Engines I tried or examined

  • Choosing a Wiki
  • TikiWiki -- A has-everything content management system with a powerful Wiki. -- Lots of complaints about instability. Tiki relies on three major external applications to run.
    • PHP (scripting language)
    • Apache (web server)
    • MySQL (database)
  • PmWiki -- A popular PhpLanguage Wiki, easy installation, simple design, nice feature list. One of the nicest features of PmWiki is its low system requirements. PmWiki requires a web server that is capable of running PHP 4.1 or later.Uses flat files. PmWiki does not require:
    • a SQL or other database
    • CGI access or the ability to run CGI scripts
  • MoinMoin -- A Python Language wiki engine, features flexibility and modular design. -- Can use built in Python http server.
  • MediaWiki:/ -- Used by the Wikipedia:/ project, which is one of the most popular wikis. To install MediaWiki:/ you need four components:
    • MySQL - an SQL database to store the Wiki text, user list etc.
    • Apache - a web server to serve the HTML web pages
    • PHP - the programming language that MediaWiki is written in
    • MediaWiki itself, which is a suite of programs written in PHP
  • PhpWiki -- A very popular PhpLanguage Wiki based on UseModWiki, with many features added. Looks reasonable, can use flat files or DB, may have admine issues
  • OddMuseWiki -- Really popular descendant of UseModWiki. One script, easy to install. -- crappy markup in my opinion. Perl , always available. (DOWNLOAD Win32 Binaries from ActiveState Page database is a bunch of files, neither a database nor a versioning system is required.
  • UseModWiki -- A PerlLanguage wiki, based on Ward's original WikiWiki.
  • TwikiClone -- A powerful, complicated PerlLanguage wiki, aimed at large corporate Intra-nets. -- this looks like the 600 pound gorilla of PERL Wikis. It is a nightmare to install under Widnows as shown here: because it is trying to fake looking like UNIX and it really wants Apache
  • DokuWiki --- Looks like a lot of work to run. System Requirements:
    • Webserver (Apache is preferred)
    • PHP 4.x
      • Short open tags have to be enabled
    • A decent web browser (See compatibility list)
  • Instiki -- What is Instiki? Admitted, it’s YetAnotherWikiClone, but with a strong focus on simplicity of installation and running:
    • Step 1. Download
    • Step 2. Run "instiki"
    • Step 3. Chuckle… "There’s no step three!" (TM)
Very easy to install, beautiful clean interface, but can't do file uploads. Also difficult (for me) to figure out how to change the port on the WEBrick web server. Couldn't figure out a way to run it under Apache, and it might be impossible given that it needs the Ruby interpreter and may be tightly tied to the embedded WEBrick server.

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