Hangs on boot

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I have installed VirtualBox 3.0.0 on my opensuse 11.1 desktop. Installation of XP into virtual box seems to go flawlessly. When the virtual xp reboots after instalation, it hangs up during the first few seconds of boot up. I restart the virtual xp and select safe mode and I can see that it hangs up on the windows/system32/drivers/agpcpq.sys.
After checking the "IO APIC" option the system will boot up, but it is corrupted and needs to be repaired or reinstalled. So I deleted every remnant of the virtual machine and started from scratch. I used all of the standard setting except this time i checked the "IO APIC". XP installs and boots up flawlessly. If you are getting hung up on the agpcpq.sys message then try checking the "IO APIC" in the system section of Virtualbox.

When a copy of XP on VB exhibited this behavior, I checked the box and it worked fine.

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