The Daytek DVR-P30 DVD recorder

The one I (Neil) showed at the MUGOO iMeeting on July 26, 2004, in a talk titled "DVD Tips and Tricks".

Find a spec sheet here:

Download the complete manual here:

Instructions on how to "free" it up are found at

 Region code and Macrovision hack posted by bruce, April 26 2004:

 There is a secret menu hidden when you press setup. 
 Highlight, but do not press the 'exit' button. 
 Then press the keys; 2 9 6 0 and then press enter. 
 You'll have access to a MENU which allows your recorder to become 
 region free and macrovision free as well. 
 Make sure there is no disk in the machine.

Front connections:

Back connections:

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