Had several AVI files that would play fine on the computer but not on standalone players - gave "unsupported resolution" errors.

Tested various converters on a 55 min source file.

AVIrecomp worked fine, but took 65 minutes to do the conversion.

Red Kawa Videora for both iPod and Xbox did not work because they would only produce AAC audio which many players can't handle. Too bad because it only took 22 minutes!

AutoGK produced MP3 sound and video that broke up and froze after 10 seconds. Took 40 minutes to convert.

VirtualDub was the best by far. Good sound and video and took 55 minutes (1:1).

Ran into codec problems with some videos - person had used mp42 which is a proprietary Microsoft codec. Transcoded to Divx using ffmpeg with the Avanti GUI front end. Conversion speed using 4 cores was 10:1. A 50 minute video took 5 minutes.

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