Web Poison spam trap


Copyright (c) 1997-2000 E-Scrub Technologies, Inc.; All rights reserved Wpoison is a free tool that can be used to help reduce the problem of bulk junk e-mail on the Internet in general, and at sites using Wpoison in particular.
Wpoison helps to combat the junk e-mail problem by effectively thwarting the efforts of junk e-mailers who regularly scan web pages, looking for target e-mail addresses to harvest. (The junk e-mailers subsequently send junk e-mail to all of the e-mail addresses that they harvest from various web sites.)
Requires PERL to run.

PHP Spam Poison (phpwpoison) 1.2.0.


The PHP Spam Poison is a fake-page generator that simulates long lists of fake email addresses and links to more fake generated pages. So, when spam-robots (spam spiders) try to harvest email addresses from your website, they get hundreds or thousands of fake email addresses, effectively poisoning their databases with useless data. This spam poisoner was inspired by the WPoison software from Monkeys.com (however, this is not a wposion port).

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