Problems with various cloud hosts and filesharing



  • excellent instant photo gallery
  • completely obscure file storage method
    • hashed filenames placed in hashed folder tree similar to SurgeMail account storage
  • only supports picture formats - cannot be used for PDFs
  • no anonymous upload, but you can create isolated accounts, so one per event, for instance


  • similar to Lychee
  • almost all features require "pro" paid version
  • as a result, unable to test


  • need business account for anonymous upload


  • rubbish - but getting better
  • file request does not need business account
  • free is limited to a total of 2GB
  • sends email notification of uploads
  • allows anonymous uploads
  • may autologin people with Dropbox accounts


  • upload to shared folder needs login by uploader
  • "naked" file request needs business account
  • has excellent previews and album creation
  • may autologin people with OneDrive accounts

Google Drive

  • uploader needs google account

FileRun --- use for as long as possible

  • Superb, but personal FREE version discontinued late 2023
    • 5 user accounts (commercial usage) with one year of updates 99 Euros (approx $150)
    • 5 user accounts Non-commercial/Family use with lifetime updates 99 Euros
  • gold standard
  • could not get to run under Windows

Aurora Files --- best choice for sharing with known users

  • great interface
  • resolves file changes on backend
  • no self registration
  • no file requests
  • cannot play or preview audio or video files
  • no forgotten password reset
  • very obscure distributed config files
  • no email notifications
  • set thumbnail limit size in D:\AuroraFiles\data\settings\config.json

Filegator --- best choice for blind uploads

  • difficult to customize
  • blind uploads allowed
  • allows nested folders and replicates them
  • figures out backend changes
  • does not provide thumbnails or previews or online viewing


  • overkill
  • self registration needs plugin but works
  • file requests use cludgy public uploads
  • backend is a mess
    • user names are random strings
    • does not resolve backend changes
  • no windows server version
  • requires PHP 8


  • overkill
  • self registration needs plugin and has no install instructions
  • file requests use cludgy public uploads
  • backend is a mess???
    • user names are random strings
    • does not resolve backend changes
  • no windows server version


  • complex setup


  • now called/is Pydio Cells
  • needs root access


  • Docker only


Project Send

  • sends email notifications
  • allows self registration
  • available from softaculous
  • prefixes filename with random string
  • orphan files can be added. The list only shows the files allowed according to security settings. Nedd to upload to particular folder.
  • no folder structure

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